F*cking awesome questions

  • What content can I expect to see inside the UOM platform?

    Exclusive content from Marty and Michael and our other content creators that is far to graphic for social media platforms. Plus all our deleted and extended footage from our social media featured videos.

  • Is this a subscription platform?

    Yes. There is a monthly subscription fee for our standard membership and weekly subscription fee for our premium members.

  • How often is content posted?

    Each creator will upload a full episode once a week.

  • What else do I get access to?

    As a standard UOM member you will get access to our private member’s Facebook group as well as one live Q&A with Marty and Michael every month. Premium members will receive a weekly exclusive personalised diary entry video from Marty and Michael and be automatically put in a draw to win massive monthly giveaway prizes!

  • How do I change my membership?

    You can upgrade your membership by clicking the Upgrade button on the home page.

  • How do I update my payment method?

    To register a new credit card, click on My Account from the website menu, select Billing, and enter your new card details.

  • Why have I been billed twice?

    It is likely you have missed a payment due to insufficient funds in you account. When this occurs, the outstanding payment is deducted during the following billing cycle. You will also have received an email notifying you of the missed payment. If you do not receive an email or believe that you have been billed incorrectly, please contact our support team at support@univesityofmarcheal.com

  • How do I cancel?

    if you have decided you no longer need science in your life (even though you are a carbon-based life form living on oxygen, nitrogen and the chemicals in cheeseburger buns), you can simply send a cancellation request to support@universityofmarcheal.com